Frequently Asked Questions

What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

Think of it like you're buying a service rather than a product. This service includes everything you need to consider when you use software. So essentially you're utilising our expertise to manage everything so that you can focus on the main activities of your waste management business. This follows a trend in software that is becoming increasingly more popular across lots of different industries. Our focus is very much about maintaining a great level of service for the entire life of your subscription rather than just the initial sale.

What does the My Yard annual care package include?

* Support – Online helpdesk, email/telephone support. We’re available 24/7 to help whenever you need it.
* Backups & Maintenance – We backup all your data everyday to multiple locations and protect it with the latest enterprise level security, which means your data is safe, secure and protected.
* Updates – We roll out updates for you so that every morning when you login you are always on the very latest version, which means there are no future hidden costs or downtime to yourselves.

Can we login to My Yard from anywhere?

Yes you can. All you need is a laptop or phone that connects to the internet. My Yard software works seamlessly across several sites, on the road, from home or whilst on holiday! You can access it from any computer, laptop, iPad, tablet or smartphone.

Is My Yard supported 24/7?

Yes it is. We're here to help whenever you need us.

Can we get the benefits of the waste management software without the burden of IT infrastructure and expertise?

Yes you can because the software is web based, and we look after all the IT guy stuff. You simply login.

Can we get going without the upfront costs of traditional waste management software?

Yes you can as we have a variety of licensing options including a monthly pay as you go subscription.

Can your mobile applications be used on a variety of devices?

Yes they can. Any smartphone, pda or tablet that runs the Android operating system. Lots of manufacturers produce Android devices and the choice is growing everyday.